Brain-Dead and Disconnected

As anyone who knows me, travelling is one of the things that I truly enjoy doing.  Whether it is for work or just jumping in a car on a whim and driving to Mexico (Recommend doing this in a big car however and not stuffing three guys in a compact), there is usually always an adventure.  Jawaharial Nehru once wrote “We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”

Although now a days I mainly travel for work, I don’t necessarily get a lot time to site see and do the touristy things that people get to do.  I tend to get somewhere, work and leave, so I have to figure out what I can do, when I can do and how I can do it safely.   So I know what you all are thinking, I’m a geek with all this technology around me why not just look online and figure out what there is to do and go do it, but I submit to you, where is the fun in that? I tend to be different, insert joke here, laugh, and move on, since usually I am fairly tired and brain-dead when I get to the evening of the first day in town, that’s when I go exploring.   But what I am looking for are the friendly little pubs on those side streets where the locals go and kill time.  I will always check with the hotel staff before I leave on my walk-about to ensure that I definitely understand where I should not go, after all I still value my safety, but then I will randomly start walking away from downtown and just start looking for somewhere to go.   I take my phone to take pictures and that is about it.  I don’t do yelp, searches or lookups, they rarely work out for me anyway.  If I get lost, I can get a cab and go back to the start, but the fact is, I am not looking for the big clubs or where the main bars on the main street, I tend to go a look for that little bar/restaurant that may be 20 seats, hasn’t been updated in a while, but has a bartender with a smile and doesn’t mind talking to a dumb Canadian in a strange city.  My point is, I will have more fun kibitzing with the locals who can tell me where the good places are, the scams to avoid (which saved me in Thailand) some of the things that I really need to avoid.

So get out and see the world, it will always be worth it however you choose to do it.

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2 Responses to “Brain-Dead and Disconnected”

  1. Reign Says:

    I always want to do this but I don’t. I love the idea of finding the hole in the wall place that turns out to be a gem but whenever I go somewhere with my husband, we end up just going to a franchise just because it’s predictable. I think the closest I’ve been to being adventurous like that was when I ran around NYC for two weeks with my younger cousin. That was a blast! But I’m not sure if I would be brave enough to run around by myself. Perhaps if I was a man?

    Anyways, I think its wonderful that you take the time to really soak up the local places. Everyone has a story. We just don’t make the time to listen.

  2. Amir Arsiwala Says:

    Not disappointed at all. I second your motion to abandon social media for the real thing. Just wandering around town, walking through the bylanes, snacking at the smallest deli; that’s the true joy of discovery.

    The most fun is chatting up random strangers on the road and asking them where to go. Sometimes, you end up discovering some awesome stuff, like a beautiful small fountain in the middle of a square, with a small bistro at the corner. And then you talk to the owner of that bistro, and discover all sorts of new things. Ah, travelling!

    I agree with Reign up there; everyone DOES have a story, it’s just that we’re too shy to ask for it.

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