50 Things About Me

So Lady Hardcore (http://lady-hardcore.blogspot.com/2011/03/everything-you-ever-wanted-or-dont-care.html), a virtual friend from Edmonchuck, has motivated me to compile a list of 50 facts about myself.  Now I know that I could never come to quality list that she put together, and that is obvious since I am only doing 50 to her 100, but it’s an excercise that should prove interesting, well to me anyways!

  1. I am not the king of my castle
  2. I am a transplanted Canadian looking for a way to go home
  3. Did not live with my wife for the first 2 years we were married
  4. I LOVE racing and fast cars
  5. I have driven from Canada to Mexico in a small car with 2 other guys, quickly
  6. Best job I had was working with my Dad at the shop
  7. Working in the bush was definitely a close second
  8. I hate Tomatoes but love Ketchup and Mild Salsa
  9. I loved going to the lake growing up and wishes I could go back
  10. I love travelling but have not seen all of Canada, only the Western border of Ontario
  11. Coolest place I have had the pleasure to see:  Golden Palace in Bangkok
  12. I am a shy person and will generally not initiate conversation, but once you become my friend, with you to the end!
  13. Grew up in water, so many memories of swimming lessons, swimming at the pool with friends, swimming at the lake = all good!
  14. Wonders if I could handle being a farmer
  15. Is a Geek and nerd according to my wife anyways
  16. Best Chinese food is in Medellin, Columbia
  17. Think you have been in a run down area, wait till you go through slums of Bogotá in the backseat of a cab
  18. Moved to Vancouver on a whim…was helping a friend move and when I got there in February and saw green grass, I never went home!
  19. I have achieved 90% of everything I always wanted growing up…need some bigger dreams now!
  20. Is curious when maturity is going come my way
  21. Has never had a broken bone, even though I am one of the clumsiest people you will ever meet!
  22. I Really hate Stupid People, just couldn’t be bothered with them.
  23. Is horrible at reading people, especially the female kind
  24. Would prefer to retire anytime now!
  25. Really dislikes Reality TV
  26. Actually enjoyed ball room dancing when I was younger
  27. Thinks popcorn should be a food group
  28. I thought winning Rolling Stones tickets was a scam but went to LA anyways and got second row on the floor and had best vacation!
  29. Thought it was really cool winning Pink Floyd tickets in a beer case and really enjoyed the concert.
  30. Spent most of grade 1 in the hospital
  31. Best teen memory was when oh never mind, shouldn’t kiss and tell!
  32. Closest to death I have been (out of the hospital), sitting on a tree eating lunch in the middle of Northern Alberta and hearing a tree crack and groan really really loud and not knowing what tree was falling, turned out I guessed right the ran the correct and the tree missed me by about a foot!
  33. As much as I love to travel, I dislike leaving home
  34. Is a boob man
  35. I do not regret the past, I am who I am, where I am, have what I have due to the decisions I have made and its not to shabby from this point of view.
  36. Thinks I was pretty good at the Ukulele when I was much, much younger
  37. Does not understand why I am probably the only Canadian Male that can’t skate.
  38. Wayne Gretzky FTW!
  39. Favorite city I have lived in is Vancouver
  40. I moved 18 times between 19 and 24ish
  41. Prefers riding trains than flying but can’t waste the time
  42. Doesn’t understand why companies allow stupid people to get promoted to get rid of them
  43. Loves photography and always wanted a dark room
  44. Enjoyed acting but was to chicken in High School to do anything
  45. Continues, for some strange reason, to keep turning down jobs in other countries
  46. I Believed for MANY years that kemo sabe meant White Snake and that Tonto really didn’t like the Lone Ranger, thanks Dad!
  47. Believes that My Dad was the best storyteller around.
  48. First Jetski ride was on the ocean in Miami where I learned that sunglasses are necessary to keep saltwater out of the eyes
  49. Coldest I have ever been was when I lived in Chicago and it hit -50
  50. And now I am getting desperate for #50 so the hottest I have been was on Hoover Damn where temperatures hit 118F

Well this was harder than I thought it would be, since I can’t remember most of my childhood!  Kudos to you Hardcore for going to 100!

Till next time – Woof!


2 Responses to “50 Things About Me”

  1. Eleanor Says:

    I love that you did this! I also posted a link to yours in a new entry in my blog. If anybody else decides to use the idea as well I will also post it in my blog.

  2. Colleen Says:

    You may not be King, … but at least you wear the pants !! ;o)~

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