New MicroCell

Communications is the key to modern society, pure and simple.  If your phone or email fails or becomes unavailable people freak out.  The ability to remain in touch is key and especially when you work at home.  If I can’t connect to the outside world via the internet or my cell phone, I am pretty much screwed and “working” from home just doesn’t work.  I am one of those people who get upset so when my horrible AT&T service cut me off from a customer three times in 10 minutes I had to get a resolution.  So what am I to do, well low and behold, AT&T has just recently released a MicroCell appliance  that puts a mini cell tower in my house.

So a trip to the local store and $150 bucks later I get it home and try to figure out it all out.  Well technically its just a 3G reciever which converts the 3G signal into Voice Over IP and through my Internet connection, it connects to the AT&T network to communicate with the rest of the world.  Actually pretty cool, I can start calls in my house on the Microcell and then leave and the call will automatically go to the next tower just as if I was moving.  To install turns out its fairly simple, go to the web site and register the appliance, associate the cell phones that are allowed to connect to it (Yay, a little security, not much but a little!), connect it to my Internet connection and power it on.  Wham Bam an hour later it synced up with the satelitte systems and all my home phones connected with no issues as shown in the picture.  Will keep everyone updated on the performance charateristics and the affect that it has on my local network.



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