Sorry everyone, been in my own little world and haven’t been motivated to do much of anything lately.  To be perfectly honest, I guess I’m just bored.  So I have been thinking about at getting a new hobby and getting away from looking at my computer screen for 20 hours a day!  Anyway, I am also going to be taking the Tumblr 30 day challenge (yes I am aware that this is WordPress) and try and post stuff here everyday…Well we will see how well that goes.

Anyway back to the hobbies, so I had a list  that I am working through…What do you think?

  • Restore a car:   apparently some of you believe I may be a touch clumsy for this
  • Tonka car collecting:  Kids already a good collection, not sure I could afford to keep up
  • Beer Making:  Hmmm
  • Online Poker:  none of them will take my credit cards anymore 🙂
  • Extreme Indian Pole Dancing:  Interesting but back to point number 1
  • Robotics:  found a really cool project involving a nerf gun – nuff said

Have to make a decision soon, its getting chilly out there, getting down to a low 70F (20C), winter is coming!



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