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I figure that since I claim to be a geek I should share some of my geekness with you.   Without massive advances in technology in the last 25 years, I don’t even think I can fathom what my life would be like.  I wouldn’t have an Electronics Engineering degree and I know that I wouldn’t even have an MBA.  I can say that since I have this degree due to my current job based on what I can do with making technology work together.  I guess I would probably be a lawyer or something like that.  Anyways, I wanted to share with you my top 5 pieces of technology that allows this dog to get his geek on!

5)  Laptop – and I make the distinction between laptop and desktop machine.  The laptop has enabled me to remain productive at work, on travel and at home while still maintaining contact with the family in the same room.  I know I am still ignoring them, but it makes me feel better that at least I am in the same room as everyone!

4) High speed home connections – Without competition between DSL and Cable operators speeds that we all connect to from home or anywhere for that matter has greatly increased from the old 300 baud (300 bits/sec) modems 20 years ago to the Fiber Optic (~20,000,000 bits/sec) connection that I have in my house today!  This has enabled me to work from home just like I was at the office (of course I don’t but that is a different topic), waste many hours playing WoW and enabled to do stuff like this!

3) Digital camera – The ability to digitally store, send, print and make into books has allowed me to better capture my life, the places I visit and of course the growth of my family.  Growing up, pictures were not common, it was a special circumstance, or we were on vacation or something like that.  In addition it was a one shot and done, you had to hope that you got the picture and then move on.  It was expensive to get bad pictures developed!  Now I take 2 or 3 pictures to make sure I get one shot that looks good.  I can instantly see whether the picture is good and try again.  I only print the pictures that I want and I can make the pictures better!

2) Smart Phone – Although the cell phone has been important, in my world it wasn’t anything special.  It never made things easier or different, however with the introduction of smart phones like the Crackberry and the iPhone, these devices make you more productive and act as an entertainment platform to keep the rugrats busy learning or just watching a cartoon!

1) Lithium Battery – This is a weird number one, but let me defend it.  Without the Lithium Battery NONE of the above things would not be possible.  The ability to disconnect from the power grid and do stuff like make calls, type, watch a movie or play a game is all dependant on the creation of the Lithium Battery.  Although there are environmental and social factors in the production of this chemical, the importance of going portable cannot be under valued!


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  1. Ranger Bob Says:

    It beats pizza delivery guy! 😉

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