Some party somewhere!

Well I have returned and recovered from my trip to Black Hat and finally the Internet is back on in the house after waiting 3 days for a new router and another 2 hour phone call to turn the service back on!  So I thought an update might be appropiate!  Travelling for work is always a tough call, because not only do you have to attend the conference or do whatever you are supposed to, you still have to do your normal job.  Being in Vegas compounds that even more due to the plethora of extra curricular activities! 

In short, I finally got to try beer pong and I have found my favorite drinking game!  In addition  I was very disappointed in missing the Bikini Bullriding Session (hopefully next year!)  and I publically stated for the record that next year I will go wakeboarding and thats about all I can remember and want to share!  🙂

As I said before I also attended some courses and a conference.  Black Hat, after kind of failing off for the last couple of years, seemed to make a bit of a comeback this year.  A wider variety of courses available as well as large contingency of vendors.  I was able to finally take a course on Biometric Security Systems and Securing Cloud Technologies.    Lesson number 1 learned – If you don’t control physical access to your stuff, you put yourself at risk, this goes for anything not just IT geek stuff!  The second most important thing is that if you don’t keep your stuff patched up and current you put yourself and your organization at risk!

Thats about all I have for now!  See you soon!


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2 Responses to “Returning”

  1. Ranger Bob Says:

    Like the new look of the Blog.

  2. Ranger Bob Says:

    Tell me more about this ‘Beer Pong’ 😉

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