Vegas Baby!

Well it’s that time of year again,  … the time where I start looking west and start looking for bright lights and full glasses of alcohol,  yes I do mean VEGAS!  Every year, my wife allows me to travel one day early to enjoy the sights and sounds of Sin City where I live by the motto, What happens in Vegas, stays on YouTube forever!  This year the trip should be low-key with a number of activities that may or may not occur.  The standard activities will hopefully include two  poker tournaments, a couple of wobbly pops and maybe some go-karting.  Since I am a low-key guy, just the standard low-key activities!  😮

In between the activities I am attending Black Hat and taking multiple courses.  The courses I am taking this year include securing virtualized systems, managing a forensics infrastructure as well as the actual conference.  During the conference one of the main sessions is going to be very interesting.  Once “community” is going after Cisco by exposing how to hack the Linksys Routers that millions of people have in their homes and probably many of you have in your homes! Should be a very interesting conference this year.   

So I will be updating and tweeting and keeping everyone up to date, so keep checking in and unless I am to under the weather hopefully I will have an interesting trip!



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