EA Enticements

Well everyone, I am now at the point where I am trying to entice people to come and buy my stocks and to be perfectly honet I am having a hard time getting people to invest.  I have tried the adverts and don’t get very much.  So I started thinking about how other people got me. 

  • adverts with boob references (always sucked me in, but obviously can’t use that approach)
  • People who would commit to buying my stock in exchange for just a follow (But doesn’t really garner loyalty, never kept it for very long)
  • I purchased inside my community (Faceless and Mad Social Ecosystem)
  • And the latest, where someone would purchase 1.5X my stock.

So what I have learned…I need boob filled funny adverts bribing people to buy me?   hmmm not sure that is really the way to go, not really me and I don’t have a ton of extra Eaves.  So I guess I have to trust on the loyality and committments from my communities.  As much as I would love to, loyality is fleeting in a large group…not so much in small 17 person groups though! 🙂  So my only option is to continue to increase my portfolio value, stock price, dividends and contribute to the various blogs, twitters and RSS Feeds.   Any other thoughts?

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3 Responses to “EA Enticements”

  1. William Pitcher Says:

    How about a post for Empire Building? Even those people like Adriel who maintains his own blog is doing it to reach a bigger audience. Let’s pimp you in a different way. 😉

  2. Ranger Bob Says:

    Buy (e)LIME and (e)TIME.


    – There, FREE advertising.. and how you spread influenza.

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