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Maybe its the Canadian in me but I look at EA as more than just a game where we are all pimping ourselves out there to get people to buy and stay invested in our stocks (PCH for the win!).  I want to try and to look at EA as a social mechanism where I can come to and get a nice consolidated view of data and information that concerns and peaks my interests but build a camaraderie with fellow Nerd Herders. What I am referring to is the concept of helping other people out, especially those who are just getting going in the game.  From my own personal experience it took me a while to get going and understand what was really going on and figure out what I really need to do.  So I think helping new people out is not only good for the soul (Karma’s a bitch you know), but can also help the bottom line.

For example you are looking around and see a stock tanking.  The person has a twitter account and you see 5 posts in the last couple of days.  you see that the person is buying 5 shares and 5 shares their, so you can see that they are just trying to get their feet wet.  Why not coach them.  Direct them to some good blogs like William Pitcher’s (RZR) blog, where they can get great tips quickly and in a format that is easy to understand.  Why not let them know that they should join a good community like the Mad Social Ecosystem where they can get more followers and potential investors.  Direct them to make sure they rate the headlines coming in and if they have their blogs to use EA Badges.  All these little things can make a difference in how people feel about EA and that it is more than a game and some sort of area where nerds can congregate without reprocussions!  I digress…

Don’t get me wrong, by helping them out, you can then see how serious they are about playing and make more informed decisions on whether you should increase your investment or run away fast! 🙂

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2 Responses to “EA Community”

  1. Ranger Bob Says:

    Karma.. it’s a lot like influenza. Hyup.. do you think the EA folks had that in mind when they called it “Spreading Your Influenza”. Yeah.. I don’t call it “Influence” anymore.. and yes EA is a disease. =)

  2. William Pitcher Says:

    Thanks for the Empire Building Building Network shoutout. Great post.

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