Empire Avenue

I have been wanting to do a Blog for several years after seeing what Ranger Bob has been able to do with his site.  RB and I have been friends for more years than I could ever count, however he dragged me into a game called Empire Avenue.  This is a cross between Facebook and any stock game that you can think.  Trading on peoples influence and social media astuteness.  So seeing the number of blogs, good and bad, the nerd in me finally is taking the next step!

EA is a new experience on the web and is based in Edmonton and has a world wide following and really is starting to take off and has actually taken me away from my World of Warcraft since I got back from England!  If interested, tweet me and I will get you a login.  The game is full of different kinds of people who are using the platform for different reasons. They utilize it to grow their personal network and get the word out on who and what they are, other use it for the social aspect, which is really just starting to grow and finally they look at it as a game.  I look at EA as a game, however I hope the social aspect grows and I think it will, it pushed me to do this site and I have also found many invaluable sources of information that I am going to try and post up here.

Well for a first post, I guess I will stop rambling, but if you are interested, tweet me at pooch02 or if you are in EA, invest or just follow PCH!



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